5 Speed  Drills  for Baseball Players


With baseball being a game of seconds, speed is KING.

Speed can be the difference between safe and out. Between making a game-saving catch or allowing a triple in the gap. There is never such thing as being fast enough.

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Often times when someone hears the words "Speed training", agility ladders, parachute sprints,  or ankle weights come to mind. Now although those tools may help some people improve their speed, they are most likely not the most effective form of training.

We believe, speed  training consists of 3 components:

Rate of Force Development: How fast you are able to apply force. How we strength train can allow up to develop our rate of force development.

Technique: How efficient you are able to apply force repeatedly. You may be stronger than someone who is faster than you, a reason for this could be your technique is deficient.

Application: How well you can apply your speed to your sport. Each sport has its own physical requirements. If you refuse to train according to those requirements you are training inefficiently.

Now, after taking all of this into account, here are 5  baseball-specific drills that we use that can increase your speed on the baseball field.

1. Kneeling Lateral Sprint

2. Dumbbell Goblet Lateral Step Up

3. Broad Jump & 1-Leg Broad Jump

4. Elevated Staggered Stance Trap Bar Deadlift

5. Base Stealing Sprints (Baseball & Softball)

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