What is the cost?

To view our pricing, simply fill out our Athlete Analysis Form and it will be sent to you via email.

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How can I see my son/daughters progress?

We don’t just say athletes improve with us – we prove it. During the assessment and every reassessment (3-month cycles), videos will be taken of all the athlete’s performance measurables. After, the videos will be uploaded into your BRX Online account so you can compare your current numbers to your baseline numbers from when you started!

Who will be working with my son/daughter?

In the semiprivate environment, clients are supervised by several BRX trainers in a “group supervision” format. In an effort over-communicate, our staff meets twice daily to review which athletes are coming in that day, their unique needs, and to make sure we’re all on the same page.

Can I train in-season?

Absolutely, it’s actually recommended. Pro and collegiate athletes use in-season training as a chance to get ahead of their competition. However, it’s important that you train on the correct days and are smart with the amount of weight/sets/reps that you’re completing amongst other things.

How long will each training session last?

Some clients take 2 hours, some take 55 minutes. Individualizing each athlete’s program means that everyone will have a different length. All things considered, you can expect a “normal” training session to last between 60-90 minutes.

Can I train outside of BRX with a BRX program?

Sure thing! Obviously we would like to get our hands on the athlete as much as possible to ensure correct form, but if that’s not possible, we love to see athletes using our programs remotely. Every BRX athlete is  given access to the BRX App, which has EVERY single exercise that we program in-house along with video tutorials so you know exactly how to complete the drill.