Are you struggling with your baseball development?

  • Is your throwing velocity holding you back?
  • Not satisfied with your 60-yard dash?
  • Struggling to improve your exit velocity?
  • Have coaches told you "You need to get stronger?"
  • Don't know where to start with the recruiting process?
  • Having trouble getting college coaches to notice you?

Our Athletes Make Progress You Need To See To Believe.

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A baseball-specific strength program designed to increase velocity, running speed, and performance.
$ 39/mo Annual: $374/yr (Save 20%) ---- 2-Year Access: $608 (Save 35%)
  • Includes Free, PLUS:
  • Offseason Strength Programs
  • In-Season Strength Programs
  • Ability To Log And Track Workouts
  • Flexibility And Mobility Routines
  • 5% Off BRX Store Items
  • Support: Group Discussion Board
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Combine the power of strength training with velocity throwing and hitting programs
$ 79/mo Annual: $758/yr (Save 20%) --- 2-Year Access: $1232 (Save 35%)
  • Includes Starter, PLUS:
  • Offseason Velocity Throwing Program
  • In-Season Maintenance Throwing Program
  • Arm Care Routine
  • Exit Velocity Program
  • 10% Off BRX Store Items
  • Support: Unlimited Email & Text
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Looking for interaction with our staff? Our professional level includes an assigned BRX coach to help you stay on track
$ 149/mo Annual: $1430/yr (Save 20%) --- 2-Year Access $2324 (Save 35%)
  • Includes Elite, PLUS:
  • 1-on-1 BRX Accountability Coach
  • Feedback On Exercise and Throwing Form
  • Personalized Plan Adjustments
  • Sports Nutrition Guide
  • Baseball Recruiting Guidance
  • Support: Assigned BRX Coach
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Want a program individualized to YOU based on a full analysis of your mobility and mechanics? The Individualized program comes with phone and video call support from your BRX coach
$ By Application Only Contact Us for Pricing
  • Includes Professional, PLUS:
  • Full Mobility & Movement Assessment
  • Personalized Strength Programs
  • Personalized Throwing Programs
  • Up To Four Coaching Calls Per Month
  • Live Zoom Calls For Video Analysis
  • Nutrition Habit Tracking
  • Support: Assigned BRX Coach
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The football strength program doesn’t meet the needs of baseball players.  Your BRX one will.


Small mechanical changes can increase velocity by 2-5 MPH instantly.  The BDS System shows you exactly how.


This isn’t “take your money and run.” You’ll have support access to BRX trainers through your BRX mobile app.



The World's Top Baseball Training Platform

So You Know How To Complete Your Workouts And Can Get Trainer Support Whenever You Need It


Not sure how to complete a particular drill on your program? Watch any one of our 500+ comprehensive HD tutorial videos on the BRX mobile app. Have a question on your strength program, skills program, or recruiting? Our performance specialists are here for you through your online account.

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Baseball-Specific Strength Programs

So You Can Improve Your Velocities, 60-Yard Dash, And On-Field Performance


Baseball players need baseball-specific strength programs - not one meant for the football team. Whether you have 4 years of strength training experience, 4 months, or none at all, we've got you covered. You'll take your pick between our advanced, beginner, or youth programs.

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Velocity Throwing Program

So You Can Throw Harder With Better Mechanics


While the strength training programs will have the BIGGEST effect on your abilities, a velocity program will magnify these results.

***Plyo balls are FREE with the Professional and Individualized plans.

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The Highest Rated Facility In The Entire Midwest

"With BRX's help and 18 months of hard work, I improved my pitching velocity from 69-71 to 85-88 MPH, exit velocity from 79 to 102 MPH, and 60-yard dash from 7.22 to 6.69 seconds. Training with BRX has been instrumental in my development as a baseball player."

"Choosing to train at BRX may the best decision I ever make for my baseball career... before BRX, I would pitch at 92-94 and after my first offseason at BRX I touched 100 mph in a Spring Training game and comfortably pitched at 95-97 mph the entire six-month season."

"I began training at BRX when I was a Sophomore in high school, and I was throwing about 80-82 miles per hour. By the time I had left to go to college, I was up to 88-90 and felt as healthy as I had ever been. BRX is the place to be if you are serious about training for your sport."

"Training at BRX has revolutionized the way I approach baseball training. After 6 months of training, I have made significant improvements to my speed, explosiveness, and baseball measurables."

"Best training that my sons (both pitchers, ages 12 and 13) have ever done. Both of my them had breakout seasons this year. I highly recommend BRX to every coach and baseball parent I talk to."

"The preseason training I received at BRX was exceptional. By the time my season ended, I was up to 95-97 MPH from the outfield – due in big part to the work done with BRX in the offseason. Coming to BRX for my training was the best decision I could have made in the offseason to advance my game."

"After starting the summer at 92-94 MPH, BRX helped me get to an elite level of performance by the end at 95-97 MPH. I now throw in the upper 90s with good command. Without BRX's college summer program, I would not be at this point in my career."

"The workouts have helped him with his arm strength, exit velocity, speed, mobility and have helped him to stay healthy during a busy Spring and Summer baseball schedule. I would definitely recommend BRX."

"Best training place ever, been here 4 months already and already have seen throwing velocity and exit velocity go up, it also has made every muscle stronger, I recommend this for every athlete that is serious about getting to the next level."

"Like anything in life the investment is in the eye of the beholder and our family sees the BRX investment as priceless. They are really good at what they do!"

The devotion BRX puts forth to help their clients meet their individual needs is what sets them apart from any other facility. I would not have had the success on the baseball field or the opportunity to play college baseball if I had not begun working out with BRX.”



We spent countless hours putting together our BRX exercise tutorial database and created the app so it's as convenient as possible for you to complete your routine at home, school, or the gym.




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Click one of the orange Get Started buttons on this page to try BDS free for 7 days.  Although a card is required, no billing occurs until day 8, giving you a chance to test drive BDS before making a financial commitment.


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We’ll reach out via email immediately upon you creating your BDS account to explain how the program works and give you clarity on how to maximize your use of the BDS System.


Train and Get Results

BRX athletes who train consistently get results.  Period.  No other training organization in the country PROVEs that like BRX.  The roadmap to your goals will be laid out for you.  Are you willing to follow it?


“With BRX’s help and 18 months of hard work, I improved my pitching velocity from 69-71 to 85-88 MPH, exit velocity from 79 to 102 MPH, 60-yard dash from 7.22 to 6.69 seconds, and committed to play collegiate baseball. Training with BRX has been instrumental in my development as a baseball player.”