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Success Stories




Unrecruited To D1 In One Year

At the beginning of his Junior year, Jacyk was where many of you are now.
Unrecruited, undersized, and average skills numbers.
In the first year, here's what happened:
60 Yard Dash: 6.96 to 6.60
OF Velocity: 86 to 91 MPH
Exit Velocity: 80 MPH to 87 MPH
It wasn't long before Northern Illinois University (D1) offered him a scholarship.

Ben Heller

New York Yankees RHP


From Low-A to The Major Leagues and 100 MPH

Ben first started with BRX as a pitcher at the low-A level with the Cleveland Indians.
His fastball was 92-94 MPH.
After his first offseason with BRX, he touched 100 MPH in a spring training game and sat 95-98 MPH the entire season.
Within two years, Ben made his MLB debut with the New York Yankees, and even made the 2019 ALCS roster.
Ben calls training with BRX "One of the best decisions I ever made for my baseball career."

Alec Marsh



BRX's First High School-to-the-Pros Athlete (70th Overall Draft Pick)

Alec started with BRX before we were 'officially' BRX (we opened in late 2015).
He ended up becoming our first ever high school-to-the-pros athlete.
A regular with BRX since his high school days, Alec dominated during his junior year as the ace of the Arizona State staff.
He turned the 2019 spring campaign with ASU into a 70th overall selection by the Kansas City Royals  in the 2019 MLB Draft.

89 to 93 MPH In 6 Weeks And A $145,872 D1 Scholarship

In the fall of his senior year, Trent didn't have any scholarships.
His fastball was in the 85-88 range and topped out at 89 MPH.  He had several colleges say "As soon as we see you above 90 MPH, our interest will increase."
Six weeks into training at BRX, he was sitting 90-92 MPH and touching 93 MPH.
Valparaiso offered him a 90% Division 1 scholarship.
Based on Valpo's current tuition, a 90% scholarship saves Trent over $145,872 during his four years!







Unknown To D1 In One Year

How many of you reading this would be PUMPED if PBR or Perfect Game would write about you four months after being a virtual unknown?
That's exactly what happened to Colin.
Colin was a serious baseball player. And serious baseball players take action when given opportunities to improve.
His progress in 8 months months?
 Throwing Velocity: 82 MPH to 95 MPH
Exit Velocity: 81 MPH to 97 MPH
Highest INF Velo at PBR's Southern Wisconsin Open
Colin recently committed to D1 St Thomas University.
Dailey Unrecruited to D1

83 to 93 and UNC

As a sophomore in high school, Max's fastball sat around 82-83 MPH.
Within 18 months, he had completely transformed himself into one of the top pitchers in the entire country.
By the time he was a senior, Max's fastball was sitting in the 90-92 range and regularly touching 93 and 94 MPH.
This materialized into a scholarship from the University of North Carolina and getting drafted by the LA Angels.







Below Average Arm To 2nd Best In Entire State

As an 8th grader, AJ started at BRX with a below average arm for his age at 62 MPH.
Over the next 18 months, he made one of the most impressive throwing velocity improvements we've ever seen.
At his first showcase his freshman year, he threw 84 MPH across the diamond - that was the second highest in the ENTIRE state of Wisconsin!
You might be thinking, "Well he just got older and taller."
While that's certainly part of it, after compiling a mountain of showcase data, we found that the average throwing velocity improvement for players AJ's age over the same time span is only 6 MPH.  
AJ nearly quadrupled it!