"Choosing to train at BRX may the best decision I ever make for my baseball career... before BRX, I would pitch at 92-94 and after my first offseason at BRX I touched 100 mph in a Spring Training game and comfortably pitched at 95-97 mph the entire six-month season."

Ben Heller, New York Yankees RHP

Scroll down to see just a few stories of our amazing athletes

Zach P.

Zach saw and continues to see incredible improvement with us. In a 6 month span, Zach increased his throwing velocity from 78 to 87, his hitting velocity from 74 to 91, and his home to first from a 4.22 to 3.94.

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Jack H.

In around 6 months, Jack saw some truly incredible results... his pitching velo went from 75 to 82, his outfield velocity went from 82 to 93, his hitting velo went from 80 to 89 and his home to first went from 2.99 to 2.82.

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Terrance M.

Terrance saw a 7 inch improvement with his vertical jump in only 3 months... he couldn't dunk before but now he can

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