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5 MPH Exit Velocity Improvement In 2 Minutes

This is the prime example of what we mean by a "Baseball Skills Hack."
Baseball Skills Hack = An easy one-minute tip that can quickly improve your velocity.
Most athletes are capable of having a higher exit and throwing velocity IMMEDIATELY if they had better mechanics.
Case in point: Will recently came in for his initial assessment.  His exit velocity was 83-85 MPH.
With one simple mechanical adjustment, which we call "Rotate The Upper Back," his very next round was 88-90 MPH. 
Watch the video below and look at his face immediately after he hits 90 MPH for the first time in his life!



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Unknown to PBR "Riser" In 4 Months

How many of you reading this would be PUMPED if PBR or Perfect Game would write about you four months after being a virtual unknown?
That's exactly what happened to Colin.
Colin was a serious baseball player. And serious baseball players take action when given opportunities to improve.
His progress in four months?
 Throwing Velocity: 82 MPH to 88 MPH
Exit Velocity: 81 MPH to 90 MPH
Highest INF Velo at PBR's Southern Wisconsin Open
PBR even made a tweet about him as one of their "risers" to keep an eye on.
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.220 To .400 And Second In Conference POY Voting

Sometimes, a few simple mechanical adjustments can have a major impact on your exit velocity.
That was the case with Gavin, who improved his exit velocity from 85 to 100 MPH.
As you'll see in the video below, Gavin used one of our favorite exit velocity mechanical adjustments, "Turn the knob of the bat toward the catcher."
He also slightly increased his leg kick, which can increase hip and shoulder separation and also improve velocity.
More importantly, Gavin improved his batting average from .220 his sophomore year to over .400 his junior year, finishing second in conference player of the year voting!



Vrana Exit Velo-1
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+17 MPH Exit Velocity In 8 Months

Here's a progress video you pretty much need to see to believe.
Zach came to us as an 8th grader with average skills numbers.
After 8 months of training with BRX, he completed his reassessment.
It turned out to be one of the most impressive reassessments we've ever seen.
Home-to-first: 4.22 to 3.94
INF Velocity: 78 to 87 MPH
Exit Velocity: 74 MPH to 91 MPH
In the span of one year, Zach went from an average baseball player to what his travel team director says is "A future D1 infielder."
Yes! I Want The Baseball Workouts For Exit Velocity!