BRX Performance Process

At BRX, we operate under a simple principle: the best results are a product of hard work and individualization. Complete the form below to begin your BRX Training Process.

3-Step On-Boarding Process

Through this 3 step onboarding process, athletes are onboarding in a way that allows them to not only understand what to do but why they are doing it. 
  • Visit 1: Assessment

    Rather than throw you right into the fire on Day 1, we take pride in getting to know you first. After a brief discussion about goals, training experience, and injury history, we'll complete a movement assessment and finish with "skill" testing so we can compare your future results to a baseline. The data we gather from the movement and skill testing allows us to make you an individualized program that you'll use under our supervision in future visits!

  • Visit 2: 1-on-1

    Your second visit to BRX - the 1-on-1 - is your first "real" training session under our guidance. After a brief orientation, you'll complete your first session with a BRX staff member by your side the entire time to make sure you understand how to follow your individualized program, are completing the drills correctly, and know when to ask for help during future sessions. You can expect this visit to take between 90 and 120 minutes.

  • Visit 3+: Semi-private

    Let the games begin! In the semi-private training environment, you'll lead yourself through your individualized program while our highly trained staff utilizes a "group supervision" approach with all athletes who are training at that particular time. Our coaches will be there to help you when you need help with your exercise form, can't remember a particular drill on your program, and anything else that's on your mind!

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