The BRX Monthly Membership costs $99/month and covers the time it takes us to create your individualized training materials each month, online training resources, two yearly assessments, and two “yearly goals” meetings for athletes and their parents.  You can cancel this membership at any time.
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$120 discount if paid in full (10%)

The BRX Annual Membership costs $59/month, requires a 12-month commitment, and includes everything listed in the monthly membership PLUS recruiting coaching, a recruiting video, four showcases, unlimited cage access and much more.

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$ 99/mo billed monthly
  • Can cancel any time
  • Individualized program written each month ($500 value)
  • Biannual mobility and movement assessments ($200 value)
  • Two yearly athlete/family meetings ($100 value)
  • Access to BRX Mobile App for remote sessions ($200 value)
  • Personal Dropbox folder for remote sessions ($200 value)
Best for aspiring collegiate athletes
$ 59/mo billed monthly
  • Requires 12-month commitment
  • Additional $120 discount if pay for year in full
  • Includes everything in Monthly
  • Recruiting coaching and skills video ($1,000 value)
  • BRX cage access ($300 value)
  • Up to four showcase assessments ($400 value)
  • In-season at-home and hotel programs ($300 value)


Once you select your membership, the last step is to decide how many days per week you want to train under our supervision at BRX!  Why weekly?  Convenience!  This gives you the freedom to adjust your in-gym training/billing on a weekly basis based on your schedule, an impending vacation, the season, etc.  No long term contracts!  Weekly billing is recurring until you upgrade or downgrade your frequency.

1 session at BRX per week
$ 32 Weekly
  • $32/session
  • 1 session at BRX each week
  • 3 remote sessions each week
2 sessions at BRX per week
$ 56 Weekly
  • $28/session
  • 2 sessions at BRX each week
  • 2 remote sessions eaach week
3 sessions at BRX per week
$ 78 Weekly
  • $26/session
  • 3 sessions at BRX each week
  • 1 remote session each week
Unlimited sessions at BRX
$ 92 Weekly
  • <$23/session
  • Unlimited sessions at BRX
  • No remote sessions



As you look at the infographics below comparing monthly vs annual memberships, please keep the following things in mind:

  • To train at BRX, you must have both a membership (blue) and an in-gym weekly training package (green)
  • Your membership fee (blue) covers the time it takes to prepare your individualized program each month, biannual assessments, and online training resources
  • Your weekly in-gym package (green) covers the staff supervision of your in-person training sessions at BRX
  • Monthly memberships are $99/month and can be canceled any time
  • Annual memberships are $59/month and require a 12-month commitment
  • Annual memberships come with additional perks, like recruiting guidance, four showcases, and cage access
  • In-gym training frequency (green) can be adjusted on a week-to-week basis