MEMBERSHIP CHANGES Instead of being locked into a long-term session package, we are moving towards a model that gives our clients weekly control over their sessions and billing.  Please take a look at the rest of this page for a more detailed explanation! STEP 1: SELECT YOUR MEMBERSHIP STEP 2: SELECT IN-GYM TRAINING FREQUENCY Let’s …

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individualized program

No cookie-cutter programs on the whiteboard here.  Each month, your BRX performance specialist spends 30-60 minutes preparing your individualized training program and optimizing your experience.

online program access

In addition to a paper copy that stays at the gym, you’ll have digital access to the same program.  This will allow you to utilize your personalized program at a gym closer to home on days you don’t travel to BRX.

brx online app

Comprehensive HD video tutorials for every BRX drill in a mobile app means you’ll have a coach in the palm of your hand.  We give you the tools to utilize your personalized program at a gym closer to gym on days that you don’t travel to BRX.

biannual assessments

Twice per year, your BRX performance specialist will reevaluate your mobility and movement to make sure we’re able to personalize your program to best of our ability.

biannual goals meeting

Twice per year, BRX athletes, their parents, and a BRX performance specialist will sit down to review goals, progress, and to make sure you’re getting the most out of your BRX resources.

Skills/recruiting VIDEO

Whether you use it for personal enjoyment or to show a college coach the athletic trajectory you’re on, annual members receive a recruiting and/or skills video.

brx recruiting manual

Yearly checklists, guides, email templates, and more to to guide you throughout the recruiting process.

recruiting coaching

Year-by-year checklists, guides, and sit-down discussions with a BRX performance specialist to make sure you’re on the path towards collegiate athletics.

four showcases

Whether your sport calls them showcases, combines, or assessments, we’ll re-evaluate your sport-specific performance numbers every 3 months to see what kind of progress you’re making!

cage access

Say “goodbye” to $40/hr cage rental fees. For athletes who play sports that can utilize the BRX cages (baseball, softball, lacrosse, hockey, etc), cage access on training days (as BRX schedule allows) is included at no extra charge on a first come, first served basis.

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