BRX Pricing

Step 1: Assessment

We always start out with an assessment (one-time $99 fee) to pinpoint areas for improvement and injury risk so we can make a program that is unique to the athlete. We’re not believers in a one-size-fits-all program. What will help one athlete reach their goals is going to be different from what helps a teammate reach theirs. Finding the specific protocol for each individual athlete is the purpose of the assessment.

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Step 2: 1-on-1

Their next visit after the assessment, athletes are on-boarded with a 1-on-1 for their first training session. This allows them to get comfortable with our staff and their new individualized strength program that is based off of the assessment findings.

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Step 3: Semiprivate

After their initial 1-on-1, athletes train in the semi-private training environment with a maximum 6-to-1 athlete to trainer ratio. It’s not a “class” format where everyone is doing the same thing – rather, athletes are training on their own individualized program at their own pace with our staff instructing, monitoring exercise form, and answering questions

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Step 4: Choose Your Training Package

All BRX packages come with a 4x/week strength program and our extensive video database. Rates increase or decrease based upon how many days a week an athlete workouts at BRX. Our recommendation is to see the athlete’s a minimum 2x/week, but we have a great 1x/week option for those who can not meet the 2x/week frequency.

Flex Membership – are a great option for year long flexibility and discounted pricing that is designed to allow our Performance Specialist to be YOUR performance consultant. With the Flex Membership, training packages can be adjusted up or down monthly and come with 20% off our regular rate. To upgrade or downgrade training frequency simply notify us when you want to increase or decrease your training package, and we will adjust the account accordingly. Flex Memberships allows BRX to become an all-encompassing consultant for each athlete and make sure they are maintaining their body adequately year round, changing their strength training regiment for things such as off-season to in-season times of the year.

No decision on training package selection needs to be made until after the assessment. We finish every assessment by sitting down to review our assessment finding and then discuss what training package would best fit your needs!