BRX has partnered with Biosteel, a leader in the supplement and nutrition industry and is trusted by some of the worlds best athletes. Athletes such as Ezekiel Elliot, Conner McDavid, Vlad Guerrero Jr., and Gleyber Torres. All of Biosteel’s products are NSF Certified so there is no doubt exactly what is going into your body. Take a look below at what we’re offering! 


When you bundle you save 10%, click on each to learn more!

Performance Nutrition Bundle

Contains your choice of protein, creatine and pre-workout

Bronze Advanced Recovery Bundle

Bundle includes Advanced Recovery Protein with creatine and pre-workout
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Performance Nutrition Bundle

Contains your choice of protein, creatine and pre-workout

Bronze Isolate Bundle

Bundle includes Isolate Protein with creatine and pre-workout
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Gold Advanced Recovery Bundle

Contains Advanced Recovery Protein along with hydration mix, creatine, pre-workout, and BCAA +
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Gold Isolate Bundle

Bundle includes Isolate Protein along with hydration mix, creatine, pre-workout, and BCAA +
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Biosteel Athletes

Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

Connor McDavid

Ezekiel Elliot

Tyler Seguin

Gleyber Torres

Andrew Wiggins



Both are great choices. However, if you’re looking to put on mass, go with the Advanced Recovery Protein. But if you’re looking to build lean muscle and maintain/lose weight, go with the Isolate Protein.

If you are using the Advanced Recovery Protein, this is ideal to have post-workout. However, if you’re using the Isolate protein, this can be consumed anytime throughout the day as a healthy source of protein in your daily diet.

Ooohhhh yeah… especially if you mix the protein with milk (almond or cashew milk if you’re combining with the Isolate Protein).


Creatine is stored in your muscles and helps to form a high energy molecule called adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the main source of energy for the body. When Creatine leves fall, so does the body’s energy supply.

You bet! In fact, your body naturally produces it. It helps your muscles produce energy during heavy-lifting or high-intensity exercises. It is also one of the most researched supplements out there. Any claims that it is unsafe are not backed by science.

Creatine that is micronized undergoes a process that breaks down the creatine further, allowing the product to dissolve better in liquid and also become more easily absorbed by the body.


These essential amino acids are the building blocks for new protein production which help during muscle building.

Ask science, a study conducted recently by PubMed Central concluded that people who consumed a drink with 5.6g of BCAA’s after their resistance workouts had a 22% greater increase in muscle protein synthesis compared to those who consumed a placebo drink.

Anytime throughout the day. BCAA’s are essential, meaning that they are not produced naturally by the body and need to be obtained through consumption. So taking these at any point in the day will get the job done.

Sports Hydration Mix

Nope, the hydration mix contains no banned stimulants of any kind.

They’re an absolute snack..

Think Gatorade, but with no sugar, loaded with Vitamins, all natural ingredients, electrolytes, and aminos which assist in further muscle development.


It is! One scoop contains 200mg of caffeine. This is the same content of caffeine as one average medium cup of coffee.

We recommend you take it 30-40 minutes prior to exercise.

You can stack it with creatine, but mixing it with protein is something we don’t recommend.. unless you have a strong stomach

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