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At BRX, we’re known for our strength and conditioning training. But it’s important to supplement bigger exercises with smaller accessory work – especially if you are a baseball player. This is where our training aids come into play. Enjoy!

PlyoVelocity Weighted Throwing Set (set of 6)

Our weighted PlyoVelocity Balls are made with a durable outer shell designed for throwing at high velocity. This set contains 6 balls (2,000g, 1,000g, 450g, 225g, 150g, 100g).


PlyoVelocity Weighted Hitting Set (set of 15)

Our weighted hitting balls are made with a soft yet durable outer shell designed for hitting at high velocity and keeping your bat from denting if you're using metal. This set contains 15 balls [(5) 500g, (5) 350g and (5) 300g weighted balls].


Benefits of hitting with weighted balls

Finishing your swing

You'll be forced to get into full extension if you want the ball to go anywhere. This is something most players forget about but you will naturally be extending more when hitting heavier balls.

Make consistent contact

If you strike a ball in the incorrect spot when hitting with these, you'll notice the ball flutter and spin in an abnormal way off the bat. You'll begin to understand when and how to strike the ball just right.

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